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Today I want to share with you 5 episodes of The French Instinct podcast that can help you discover French cultural peculiarities, learn useful references and a lot of specific vocabulary and phrases in context.  

1. L’école buissonnière. In this episode I’ll be talking about school in France and about learning. Learn useful vocabulary, phrases and cultural references on this topic. Can we learn without being obliged to do so ? What is the role of pleasure in the learning process? Is school essential for everyone? Does having bad grades mean we can’t learn? 

2. Au four et au moulin. I take you to a traditional French bakery and I present you Vincent, a French baker. Listen to the episode and go to see the full video interview on my YouTube channel. I’ll use, a lot of fun idioms.

3. Souris et la vie te sourira. We’ll see why French people are not very smily with strangers and the cultural differences about smiling in France and other countries. I’ll use a lot of phrases in context and we’ll se why it is so important to smile.  

4. On se tutoiera au dessert. Choosing between “tu” and “vous” to talk to someone in French can be tricky. Which social rules do we need to follow ? Is “tu” always a lack of respect when we don’t know someone?  In this episode I’ll give you some tips to know how to use “vous” properly in polite French and I’ll also share with you my own exprerience as a native French and fun anecdotes as an expat in Spain where social rules are totaly different. Spoiler alert: comming back to French was not that easy ! 

5. Ma cabane au fond du jardin.  We’ll play a very easy game which will allow you to be aware of the different meanings of a word and the importance of cultural references when learning a foreign language. You’ll learn some interesting informal French and French cultural references that will help you understand better French humor.  

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