How to speak French like natives? How to understand conversations between natives? How to get a better pronunciation? Learn authentic French with a native French as a foreign language teacher.

I’m sure you dream of speaking like a native. We all do when learning another language. But it looks so hard to achieve. However there are lots of tips that can help you improve your comprehension in spoken French and your speaking skills.

In my latest video (and first video on youtube in a long time) I explain what a “tuyau” is in slang. A “tuyau” is not just a garden hose, it’s also a good advice, a very useful tip that not everybody knows. And that’s what I’ll share with you in the new section of mu channel called “Les tuyaux de Katy” : useful tips to speak and understand better French in a fun and more intuitive way and always in context.

For each one of these videos I’ll share a small article here in English with some explanations. But to get all the information watch the video in French and go to the French article to get full script and useful notes.

Perfect your French with a native French teacher and polyglot through inspiring, interesting and unique content.

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