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A podcast for Intermediate and Advanced French speakers – B1/C2

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One of the things I like about listing to Podcasts is that they inspire me. I like listing to an Italian Podcast about psychology, so I can improve my Italian and listen to something I find interesting at the same time, and what I like about that podcast is that it’s both inspiring and relaxing.

I want to share with you today 5 episodes of The French Instinct Podcast that can both help you get inspired in your French learning and relax. In these episodes you’ll improve your French in context in a calm musical atmosphere.

  1. La musique adoucit les mœurs: about the importance and benefits of music in our lives

2. Les secrets de la sphère : a guided visualization to learn more about ourselves.

3. Les doigts de pieds en éventail: about the benefits of bordom, or the art of not doing anything.

4. Vivre en terre et mer : I take you with me to the Baie du Mont Saint Michel, in Brittany, a unique and magical place where people and nature follow the rythm of the sea.

5. Le sommeil : about sleeping habits.

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