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Do French people drink snake and toad liqueur?

If you come to France and you hear someone offering you some toad or snake liqueur, you ‘ll probably be afraid. In French a toad is “un crapaud” and a snake is “un serpent. I don’t think there are many places in the world where you can eat or drink toad as part of the specialties. Snake, maybe though…

France is known for its cooking and gastronomy. There are many sorts of liqueurs and we’re known for eating forgs and snails, so why not toads and snakes ? Although, you might find it a bit disgusting and you’re right. But don’t worry, you won’t find a single place where you can drink that in France. So why are we talking about that ? Because they are part of our cultural references and some people might actualy offer you toad liqueur… as a joke !

Let me explain you why. There’s a very famous French movie called “Les bronzés font du ski” where a group of friends get lost in the mountains. Some locals help them and offer them toad liqueur. That’s where the joke comes from. Toad liqueur only exists in that comedy, but it’s now part of the French references you need to know if you want to understand French humour.

And what about snake liqueur ? Well, it actually existed but it’s now forbidden. So don’t panic, we won’t give you any awkward drink.

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