The French Instinct : speak French, think French, feel French

Speak French with authenticity and progress in a pleasant and inpiring way.

Boost your French Instinct and learn from another perspective

Would you like to speak French with authenticity, to be able to express yourself more spontanuously on topics that matter to you and to really be yourself when speaking French ?

Do you want your French practice to bring you something more, using inspiring resources and creating meaningful connexions with other people, using the French language as a tool to communicate ?

Would you like to become a better language learner, to progress in a more natural and yet effective way and to enjoy the process without having to spend too much time on grammar and drills?

Would you like to learn the French language we use in real life in France, to discover the country and the French people without clichés ? To be able to speak with natives and to understand them ? 

Perfect your French in a more intuitive, interesting, inspiring, motivating and efficient way

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Some questions you may ask yourself during your French learning journey

I know a lot of grammar and vocabulary so why can’t I express myself in French ?

I can’t memorise grammar and vocabulary , what can I do ? 

I use apps, interactive resources and flashcards but I feel I’m not progressing a lot, why?

What’s the point in memorizing grammar and vocabulary, doing daily drills, recapping your lessons regularly if you’re not able to use your knowledge in practice.

We tend to learn French in a way that is too theoretical

In reality you acquire some knowledge of the French language but you don’t develop a real competence in communicating. Grammar and vocabulary are tools but knowing them is not the be all and end all : you can learn grammar and vocabulary without ever being able to truly express yourself in French. On the other hand , you can speak fluently without knowing a single grammar rule by heart or having never memorized a vocabulary list.

If you’re struggling with learning grammar rules, retaining vocabulary or putting your newly acquired knowledge into practice, you’re probably not using the right resources and methods.

We have long believed that we could only learn a language by following traditional methods and if we didn’t get there we were just rubbish at learning languages. But this very theoretical approach, which is still used in many schools and by certain teachers, is not useful for most people. 

Globally, in language learning some people are more auditory learners (they learn the best by listening). Others are more visual (they need to see something in order to memorise). To learn French and to speak it well, you need to listen a lot and not only read it even if you need to see the words written to retain them. Combining audio and writing is a very good way to learn and progress and my free resources usually contain both elements : you can read what you’re listening to and you can listen to what you’re reading

You may already be using apps, interactive websites and flashcards. It’s fun maybe and yet you may feel you’re not progressing that much. And that’s normal.

Several elements are essential to acquire a language efficiently. The first element when learning is consistency: it’s better to spend 5-10 minutes practicing your French every day than an hour once a week. Apps that help you learn French have understood that but they have their own limitations. 

… to be continued